Software Testmanagement

Depending on your needs I will be able to help and support you with the following:
* determining testing activities, methods and schedules.
* providing input on functional requirements, product designs and potentially problematic areas.
* analyzing, documenting and coordinating Testing and test planning  activities
* making sure that test procedures and issues are documented
* conducting root cause analysis of defects
* effective communication between different stakeholders like business, development and operations

Automated Testing

Proficient in several programming languages and testing frameworks, I will help you to automate your testing. You will benefit not only with the security that key areas of your software are periodically checked but automation also frees up precious time and cognitive energy of your manual & explorative testers.

Requirements Analysis & Engineering

Many cost-intensive bugs, incidents and defects find their root-cause in vague, incomplete or even technically wrong requirements. Through a dedicated analysis of your requirements regarding logical and functional consistency aas well as intensive communication between business, product managers and development, I will help you craft unambiguous, easy to understand yet complete and technically correct requirements.

Manual & Explorative Testing

Automated testing brings you only so far. There are a number of test cases where automation makes no sense economically. They are either too easy to walkthrough but rare cases that do not need to be checked regularly or they are highly complex use cases with several interim results that need to be interpreted by the user to determine the next step. There will always be economic reasons to carry out manual and explorative testing. I will support your testing team with the creation and execution of manual testcases and with well documented explorative testing sessions.

Test Process Consulting

You don’t need to invent the wheel twice. The solutions to many problems that I came across during my projects are generic. There is a high chance that your company has special needs but still can walk a path that has been walked before. I will help you with the analysis of your current testing process and your testing environment to find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.